Yahoo! The 360 media bias rating is Mixed.

AllSides rates Yahoo! News' The 360 section as having a Mixed media bias rating. AllSides rates The 360 section separately from Yahoo! News overall. This is because The 360 is an explicit attempt to curate perspectives from all sides of the political spectrum.

Mixed ratings are assigned to sources that systematically present content that transparently shows multiple perspectives across the political spectrum and uses content that comes from sources that are left, center and right. Yahoo!'s The 360 does this, with some caveats.

September 2019 Editorial Review

On Sept. 24, 2019, the multipartisan AllSides team conducted an Editorial Review of The 360. Each iteration of The 360 includes some original reporting on a topic, and at the bottom of the article, features curated perspectives on the issue from across the political spectrum. While AllSides assigns The 360 a Mixed rating, our editorial team noticed some right-leaning and libertarian perspectives were missing on key topics. We also noticed that the topics chosen are issues that are more of interest to left-leaning readers.

On the the day of the Editorial Review, The 360 topics included, "What Will Prevent White Nationalist Attacks?", "Should More Justices Be Added to the Supreme Court?", and "Should Plastic Straws Be Banned?". Our team noted that most of the perspectives featured come from outlets that have an AllSides Media Bias Rating of Lean Left, but that The 360 does a good job of representing a diverse array of views.

We found The 360 mostly balanced, though some folks on the AllSides team with a center-right bias noted that some right-leaning and libertarian perspectives were missing. For example, in the piece on white nationalist shootings, many perspectives about guns were included, but a common cultural perspective from those on the right who tie mass violence to the decline of religious and community institutions and lack of economic and marriage prospects for men was not included. In addition, the piece omitted that the El Paso shooter had some left-leaning views, such as environmental concerns and criticism of major corporations. In the straw ban article, a right-leaning/libertarian perspective that straw bans hurt small businesses because they are difficult or expensive to implement was not included. Our team found that while right-leaning perspectives are represented, the 360 usually includes more left perspectives than right or libertarian perspectives.

Despite these concerns, we found The 360 to be an excellent source of balanced perspectives on the news and were impressed by it overall. In a media landscape that is trending toward more partisanship and extremism, we were pleased to see that Yahoo! is moving more toward the Center and making strong efforts to be balanced and unbiased with a project like The 360.

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