RedState media bias rating is Right.

RedState has a Right AllSides Media Bias Rating.

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Aug. 2021 Independent Review 

RedState is transparent about its bias, openly billing itself as a conservative news blog.

While RedState doesn't have an "About" page, a support plea on the site (pulled by AllSides on Aug. 25, 2021) read: "Support Conservative Journalism. RedState has been a leading conservative news site for over 15 years. With your support, we'll continue to expose the Left, hold big government accountable, protect your constitutional rights, and defend conservative journalism."

An Aug. 2021 Independent Review by an AllSides staffer found RedState largely posts opinion/analysis pieces (it is a blog, not a hard news website). It uses qualifying adjectives and sensationalist words in its headlines, for example (emphasis ours):

Tucker Carlson Savages Lindsey Graham and the Reason Might Surprise You

Some Very Odd Results in the Cable News Ratings Following the Afghanistan Implosion

Joe Biden, With Eyes Bloodshot and Five Hours Late, Insults Everyone Watching With Surreal Presser

What I Learned From Helpless Refugees in a War Zone That Heartless Joe Biden Really Should Know

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About RedState

RedState is a conservative political blog. According to Wikipedia, prior to 2017, it organized "RedState gatherings," a summer convention for conservative activists and grassroots political activism which featured many prominent public figures in conservative politics.

RedState was founded in 2004 as a 527 group (a type of tax-exempt organization) by Joshua Treviño, Ben Domenech, and Mike Krempasky.

In 2015, Donald Trump, a Republican presidential candidate at the time, was disinvited from the annual RedState Gathering over comments he made about Megyn Kelly.

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Funding, Financing and Ownership

RedState is owned by the Salem Media Group after being acquired by it in January 2014. Salem Media Group is a conservative media company. On its About page, Salem Media Group says it is "America’s leading radio broadcaster, Internet content provider, and magazine and book publisher targeting audiences interested in Christian and family-themed content and conservative values."

Funding, financing and ownership information updated Aug. 21, 2021. If you think this information is out of date, please contact us.

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