The New Yorker media bias rating is Left.

The New Yorker has a Left media bias rating.

A 2014 Pew Research Center study looked at the magazine's consumers. It found "the clear majority of [The New Yorker's] audience (77%) is left-of-center. In fact, those with consistently liberal political values make up about half (52%) of its audience (compared with 16% of all respondents)." According to the study, The New Yorker is one of the most-preferred media outlets for liberals. (Source: The Washington Post)

About The New Yorker

The New Yorker is an American magazine of reportage, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry. It is published by Condé Nast. Started as a weekly in 1925, the magazine is now published 47 times annually, with five of these issues covering two-week spans.

Although its reviews and events listings often focus on the cultural life of New York City, The New Yorker has a wide audience outside of New York. It is well known for its illustrated and often topical covers, its commentaries on popular culture and eccentric Americana, its attention to modern fiction by the inclusion of short stories and literary reviews, its rigorous fact checking and copyediting, its journalism on politics and social issues, and its single-panel cartoons sprinkled throughout each issue.

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Authors who have written for The New Yorker

Jane Mayer, Jon Lee Anderson, Peter Schjeldahl, Susan B. Glasser, John Cassidy, Jia Tolentino, Michael Pollan , and 32 more. See full list. Michael Pollan, Rozina Ali, David Makovsky, David Rohde, Elizabeth Kolbert, Ronan Farrow, Robin Wright, Benjamin Wallace, Jonathan Blitzer, Rosa Lyster, Condé Nast, David Remnick, Masha Gessen, Rebecca Mead, Eric Lach, Charles Bethea, George Packer, Kelefa Sanneh, Ian Parker, Ryan Lizza, Margaret Talbot, Robert P. Baird, Naomi Fry, Paige Williams, Dexter Filkins, Joshua Yaffa, Amy Davidson Sorkin, Emily Witt, Bill Mckibben, Tad Friend, Michael Specter, Andy Borowitz, Jiayang Fan See less.

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