Gizmodo media bias rating is Lean Left.

Gizmodo's media bias rating is Lean Left.

An independent review conducted by an AllSides staff member in April 2020 concluded that while Gizmodo primarily focuses on technology/science news and developments, it sometimes does so with a left-leaning slant.

Many politically-oriented stories published on Gizmodo feature bias that frames President Donald Trump and conservative policy stances in a critical light. Opinion articles featured on Gizmodo tend to favor left-leaning ideals, and rarely support viewpoints that might tend to lean right.

Authors who have written for Gizmodo

Tom McKay, Dell Cameron, George Dvorsky, Casey Chan, Ryan F. Mandelbaum, Jessica Boddy, Brian Kahn , and 97 more. See full list. Brian Kahn, Yessenia Funes, Andrew Liszewski, Catie Keck, Victoria Song, Matt Novak, Sam Rutherford, Ed Cara, Daniel Kolitz, Raul Alexander Marrero, Bryan Menegus, Patrick Howell O'Neill, Alex Cranz, Adam Clark, Diane Kelly, Alissa Walker, Hudson Hongo, Alyse Stanley, Kashmir Hill, Maddie Stone, Kate Conger, Jennings Brown, Michael Nunez, Melanie Ehrenkranz, AJ Dellinger, Kate Knibbs, Ashley Feinberg, Joanna Wendel, Whitney Kimball, Leslie Horn, Rae Paoletta, Patrick Howell, Jesus Diaz, Brian Merchant, Dhruv Mehrotra, Jody Serrano, Dharna Noor, Shoshana Wodinsky, Jake Buehler, Caitlin Mcgarry, Marion Renault, Robin Marty, Charles Pulliam, Joanna Nelius, Julia Shiota, John Biggs, James Whitbrook, Beth Elderkin, Logan Chipkin, Rhett Jones, Jeanne Timmons, Kaila Hale, J.K. Trotter, Lib Watson, Bryan Lufkin, Cheryl Eddy, Mario Aguilar, Sophie Kleeman, Sidney Fussell, Divination Bot, Bryan Gardiner, William Turton, Hanni Fakhoury, Nadia Kayyali, Attila Nagy, Eric Limer, Kelsey Campbell, Christina Warren, John Herrman, Eve Peyser, Brent Rose, David Bixenspan, Rose Pastore, Sean Hollister, Bob Sorokanich, Jed Oelbaum, Andrew Tarantola, David Nield, Cyriaque Lamar, Gerald Lynch, Carli Velocci, Justin T. Westbrook, Sean Fallon, Nathaniel Scharping, Emma Lantreev, Mark Wilson, Brendan O'Connor, Patrick Lucas, Jordan Kushins, Sarah Zhang, Amanda Yesilbas, Charlie Jane, Scott - Todayifoundout.Com, Kristen V. Brown, Jim Spanfeller Is A Herb, Chris Mills, Brianna Provenzano, Mack Degeurin See less.

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