Fareed Zakaria media bias rating is Center.

Fareed Zakaria's AllSides Bias RatingTM is 'center'. Zakaria's face, and perhaps name, is most often associated with CNN's program, GPS. Here, he has recently (July 2017) covered North Korea, Russia, how Democrats need to appeal to a larger audience, dirty energy, and how conservative voices are continually shut out. From this range and his views throughout, he continually jumps the aisle, informing his 'centerAllSides Bias RatingTM.


Continuing to inform his perspective, Zakaria's personal life has brought him into many roles and across much of the world. Born in India, Zakaria received a B.A. from Yale University, a Ph.D. from Harvard University, as well as honorary degrees from John's Hopkins, Brown, the University of Miami, and Oberlin College. In 1992, he joined Foreign Affairs as a managing editor, which he continued until 2000. That year, he joined Newsweek to oversee their abroad editions for ten years, also joining CNN as host of the GPS program in 2008. In 2010, he moved on to be editor-at-large of TIME, still continuing GPS as well. In 2014, he became a contributing editor at The Atlantic. Today, he continues to host GPS and writes an international weekly column for The Washington Post

While that covers his professional background, he has also written several books. From Wealth to Power came out in 1998, The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy was released in 2003 and The Post-American World followed in 2008, while In Defense of a Liberal Education came out in 2015. The Post-American World also had an expanded edition released in 2011. 





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