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Title of Headline Roundup Topic
Avoiding the Fiscal Cliff Economy and Jobs
War Looms Over Gaza Middle East
Israel and Gaza Middle East
Karl Rove and the Election Elections
Presidential Press Conference Politics
Obama on Income Taxes Taxes
Debt Negotiations Begin Taxes
Fiscal Cliff Taxes
Petraeus Probe Widens
Looking into Petraeus Matter
Petraeus Resigns
Why the GOP Lost Elections
Women in Power Politics
Overtures on Debt Negotiations Economy and Jobs
Why Obama Won Elections
Obama Wins Elections
America Heads to the Polls Elections
Election Eve- Final Polls Elections
Election Eve - The Final Push Elections
Media Bias Watch Media Bias
The Race is Tied Elections
Analysis of Jobs Report Elections
October 2012 Jobs Report Economy and Jobs
Polls: 5 days away Elections
Back on the Campaign Trail Elections
Presidential Campaign Rolls On Elections
Politics and Sandy
Hurricane and Politics Elections
Political Impact of Hurricane Sandy Elections
Releasing the Final Jobs Report Elections
Hurricane Sandy Elections
The Battle for Ohio Elections
Deciding Vote: Women? Elections
Obama Plan for 2nd Term Elections
Emails Linked Al Qaeda Middle East
Latest Election Polls Elections
Final Debate Fact Check Elections
Final Debate Elections
Final 2012 Debate Watch Elections
Before Final Debate Elections
Only Joking! The Al Smith Dinner Elections
Abortion and the Election Abortion
Courting the Votes of Women Elections
Debate: Libya Fact Check Elections
Post-Debate Analysis Elections
Pre-Debate Watch Elections
Hillary Takes Responsibility Middle East
2nd Presidential Debate Prep Elections
After VP Debate Elections
Opinions on VP Debate Elections