World Government (One)

This term, with a long and rich history of usage is currently seen with great suspicion among many conservatives - and some others as well.

For them, this idea reflects an overreach of power that threatens sovereignty similar to growing federal power over state, family and individual freedoms. They generally feel that the farther the government and power is away from the people it serves, the less effective (if not dangerous) it becomes. They see the growing power of the United Nations and increasing talk of international law raise the spectre of a global power hegemony or  “New World Order” that restricts freedoms.

For some religious conservatives, this literally fulfills some of the more frightening stories of Biblical prophecy.

For others, all this talk sounds paranoid and conspiratorial - with the aspiration towards larger order in the global system simply a reflection of growing cooperation among nations and a newfound sense of interdependency that will primarily lead to positive consequences in the world through enhanced collaboration and accountability to shared values.