US House Condemns QAnon Group

Headline Roundup October 2nd, 2020

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 371-18 Friday to issue a resolution condemning the online conspiracy theory QAnon. QAnon is centered around "Q," a purported high-level government official who spreads information on online forums about "deep state" conspiracies at work in the U.S. government. Republican representative Denver Riggleman, a sponsor of the resolution, condemned QAnon after a House Democrat this week started receiving death threats from QAnon followers; Riggleman also condemned QAnon for their alleged antisemitic remarks. In 2019, the FBI designated QAnon a domestic terrorist threat. President Donald Trump in the past has expressed support for followers of the movement.

Coverage from left- and center-rated outlets tended to focus on the details of the resolution; some center- and left-rated outlets highlighted the fact that 17 Republicans and one independent voted against the resolution. The story received less overall coverage from right-rated outlets, though it was covered by the Washington Examiner and Fox News, which highlighted Republican congressional hopeful Marjorie Taylor Green's criticism of the House for passing the resolution instead of condemning Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

From the Right

The House passed a resolution condemning the conspiracy theory movement known as QAnon, but 17 Republicans and Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, a libertarian, voted against it.

H.R. 1154 passed on Friday 371-18, with one person voting present. QAnon is a right-wing conspiracy group that believes, among other things, that a group of powerful politicians is involved in a child sex-trafficking ring.

Rep. Buddy Carter of Georgia was one of those who voted nay but later explained on Twitter that he did so unintentionally and instead meant to vote yea.


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From the Left

As many Americans came to realize in recent months, QAnon is a crackpot conspiracy theory that says Donald Trump is secretly at war with nefarious forces of evil, including Democrats, Hollywood celebrities, the "deep state," cannibals, and an underground ring of Satanic pedophiles. As we've discussed, this isn't just the usual conspiratorial nonsense bubbling up from the right; it's vastly weirder, more radical, and more dangerous.

Last year, the FBI went so far as to classify QAnon as a domestic-terror threat in an internal memo. As recently as July, the...

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From the Center

The U.S. House of Representatives on Friday voted to condemn the online pro-Trump conspiracy theory known as “QAnon,” but 17 Republicans opposed the non-binding resolution, whose sponsor Democrat Representative Tom Malinowski said he has received death threats.

The House voted 371-18 to reject the conspiracy theory, which posits President Donald Trump has been working to take down a global child sex ring. As many as a dozen Republican candidates for Congress have voiced some support for the theory, and at least one of them appears to be a on a...

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