Headline RoundupNovember 7th, 2021

Perspectives: Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

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The first week of testimony has concluded in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teenager charged with killing two people and injuring a third with an AR-15 rifle during a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The 18-year-old has pleaded not guilty to all seven charges being brought against him, including "two counts of homicide, one reckless and one intentional, and two counts of recklessly endangering safety." The trial is set to conclude during the week of Nov. 15, where the court will then decide whether Rittenhouse is guilty of intentional homicide or if he acted in self-defense.

Voices from both sides of the political spectrum were likely to accuse the trial of being "biased" — but for different reasons. Many right-rated voices denounced Democrats for "continuing to insist that certain types of politically motivated violence and destruction are OK, even necessary" — referring to the looting that resulted in "at least $1 billion to $2 billion of paid insurance claims." Right-rated outlets were also likely to emphasize that "the Rittenhouse trial has nothing to do with race," insisting that the case has been "instigated by Democrats and the media for political purposes."

Many left-rated outlets linked the Rittenhouse trial to the "significant rise in political violence in the US," criticizing Republicans for embracing Rittenhouse "as a patriotic martyr." Some left-rated voices criticized Judge Bruce Schroeder for ruling that the men shot by Rittenhouse should not be referred to as 'victims' "until or if he is convicted of a crime" yet continued to label protesters as 'looters' — an example of "why many Americans demand systemic reforms." Left-rated outlets also highlighted data that concluded nearly 40% of Republicans believe "the use of political force is justified if elected leaders won’t protect America," more specifically “the traditional American way of life.”

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