Spokesman Review media bias rating is Lean Left.

The Spokesman-Review is a daily broadsheet newspaper based in Spokane in U.S. state of Washington, where it is the city's only daily publication. It has the third highest readership among daily newspapers in Washington, with most of its readership base in eastern Washington.

Despite its hometown feel, The Spokesman-Review has been known to take a moderate-to-liberal stance when it comes to opinions ranging from tackling city hall to hate groups in the region. Those (hate) groups have threatened to attack the paper, and at times have made good on that promise. In 1997 three extreme-right militants were tried and eventually convicted of bombing the office of The Spokesman-Review as well as an abortion clinic (see Citizens Rule Book).

Authors who have written for Spokesman Review

Tom Holm, Scott Jackson, Garrett Cabeza, Jonathan Glover, Betsy Z. Russell, Eli Francovich, Jonathan Brunt , and 12 more. See full list. Jonathan Brunt, Jared Brown, Michael Guilfoil, Ryan Blake, Chad Sokol, David Briscoe, Treva Lind, Deanna Paul, Daniel Beekman, Will Hobson, Liz Clarke, Arielle Dreher, Faiz Siddiqui See less.

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