Rick Wytmar media bias rating is Lean Left.

Rick Wytmar is a content and research assistant for AllSides.

While Rick identifies as a liberal that is very close to the center, he enjoys having debates and actively trying to understand perspectives from both sides to come to his own conclusions and beliefs.
He continues to be frustrated by increasing levels of political polarization that produce a lack of productivity in government.

Rick Wytmar recently graduated Gonzaga University with a bachelor's in Political Science and Economics and joined the AllSides team shortly after. During his undergrad, he worked in different parts of the political process, including in congress, political organizing, and writing columns for the Gonzaga Bulletin.

When he's not working, Rick is likely cheering on one of his favorite San Francisco bay area sports teams, beating friends/family at a board game, or doing something outside, whether that be playing basketball or going on a hike.

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