Pittsburgh Post-Gazette media bias rating is Lean Right.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's news bias leans right. This AllSides Bias Rating™ is our low or initial rating, so more research and community feedback is needed. In the mid 1800s, the Gazette helped organize a chapter of the new Republican Party as well as helped with the election of President Abraham Lincoln. The Post-Gazette was one of the first papers to suggest that the Northern and Southern tensions would result in a full-scale war. Now, the Post-Gazette has conservative leanings, so their media bias rating leans right

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The 'PG' is the largest metropolitan daily newspaper in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since 1938, the paper has one six Pulitzer Prizes. The newspaper publishes local, sports, opinion, business, and national news articles. The Post-Gazette was founded in 1786 and is now owned by Block Communications.


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Omari Sankofa, Paula Reed Ward, Jonathan D. Silver, Anya Sostek, Bill Schackner, Ed Blazina, Shelly Bradbury , and 15 more. See full list. Shelly Bradbury, Anya Litvak, Ashley Murray, Courtney Linder, Marylynne Pitz, Andrew Goldstein, Matt Mckinney, Rob Owen, Maria Sciullo, Samuel Thomas, Bob Batz, Dan Gigler, Lacretia Wimbley, Kris B. Mamula, Torsten Ove, Patricia Sabatini See less.

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