The Courier-Journal media bias rating is Lean Left.

The Courier-Journal, locally called "The C-J", is the main newspaper for the city of Louisville, Kentucky, United States. According to the 1999 Editor & Publisher International Yearbook, the paper is the 48th largest daily paper in the U.S. and the single largest in Kentucky.

Authors who have written for The Courier-Journal

Deborah Yetter, Billy Kobin, Ben Tobin, Bailey Loosemore, @phillipmbailey, Beth Warren, Matt Mencarini , and 18 more. See full list. Matt Mencarini, @joesonka, Scott Utterback, George Petras, Jim Sergent, Janet Loehrke, Karl Gelles, Javier Zarracina, Mandy Mclaren, Kyle Bagenstose, Sky Chadde, Matt Wynn, Veronica Bravo, Karina Bland, Karina Zaiets, Ramon Padilla, Veda Morgan, Dominique Yates, Olivia Krauth See less.

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