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While there is much talk about the 2024 presidential election, the 2023 elections are approaching fast. Here are some of the races and issues we’re watching.

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Ballot Issues

On Nov. 7, voters in Ohio, Colorado, Texas, New York, and Maine will vote on 28 ballot measures and on Nov. 18 Louisiana voters will vote on another four measures. 


Ohio is the only state with abortion on the ballot this year. Ohio’s Issue 1, if approved, would “establish in the state of Ohio an individual right to one’s own reproductive treatment, including but not limited to abortion.” However, Issue 1 also explicitly allows for prohibiting post-viability abortions, with exceptions for protecting the mother’s life or health. In August, Ohioans rejected a special ballot measure that would have raised the ballot measure vote threshold from 50% to 60% — just above the abortion measure’s support in the polls. 

Issue 2 in Ohio is a proposed law to commercialize, regulate, legalize, and tax the adult use of cannabis. Medical marijuana has been legal in Ohio since 2016, but a constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana failed on the Ohio ballot in 2015

See the full language of Issue 1 and Issue 2 here.


Three cities in Michigan—Kalamazoo, East Lansing, and Royal Oak— will vote on implementing ranked choice voting.

Minnetonka, Minnesota will be voting on whether to repeal ranked choice voting.

Gubernatorial Elections

Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana each have 2023 gubernatorial elections. Louisiana already elected Republican governor Jeff Landry on October 14th, flipping from a Democratically held governorship. 


Daniel Cameron (R) is running against incumbent Andy Beshear (D). Republicans control both legislative chambers in Kentucky and the gubernatorial election will determine if the state government remains divided. Here is a guide to the Kentucky gubernatorial election. 


Brandon Presley (D) is running against incumbent Tate Reeves (R). Mississippi has a Republican trifecta. Here is a guide to the Mississippi gubernatorial election. 

U.S. House of Representatives

There are two special elections in 2023 for U.S. house seats, one in Rhode Island’s 1st congressional district and one in Utah’s 2nd congressional district. 

Rhode Island

On Nov. 7 voters in Rhode Island’s 1st congressional district will decide between Gabe Amo (D) and Gerry Leonard (R). The special election will fill the vacancy left by David Cicilline (D).


On Nov. 21 voters in Utah’s 2nd congressional district, which includes Salt Lake City, will decide between Celeste Maloy (R) and Kathleen Riebe (D). The special election will fill the vacancy left by Chris Stewart (R). 

State Legislatures

Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia are all electing new legislatures this session. 


In Virginia, whether the state government remains politically divided hangs in the balance. Currently, Democrats narrowly hold the Virginia Senate and Republicans hold the House. The results of this election may determine how effective the Virginia government is going forward. Here is a guide for the Virginia legislature elections.

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