We're excited to highlight some new features on AllSides.com today!

Time Travel

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Choose a past date from the date filter on our home page and see the featured news from that day. It's been said that, for news junkies, this is the next best thing to flying through time in a TARDIS with Dr. Who.


AllSides Console

This is like a "portable" AllSides for your news reading. When you click to read a headline, you go to a new page. On the top of that page, you will see the AllSides Bar, which shows you the bias of the news site, let's you agree or disagree with the bias, share, and see other articles on the same topic from different perspectives.


Story of the Week.


Every week, we send a "Story of the Week" newsletter to anyone who has signed up for that (sign up here). Now you can also access the Story of the Week from our home page.


Community Bias Feedback.

Click the name of a publication or author on AllSides to visit a special page that reveals more about it. Notice that you can now see how many people have agreed or disagreed with the current AllSides bias rating. There you can agree or disagree with the rating, and tell us what you think the rating should be.

Try out these features and tell us what you think.

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