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In today’s polarized political landscape, it can be easy to fall into a pre-defined category: Liberal or Conservative, Republican or Democrat. But what if we tried to think outside the box?

In that spirit, we asked members of the AllSides team to try to define themselves politically without the usual partisan labels. By removing these options, we were forced to consider other, more specific, more personal options. 

The following is what we came up with:

Challenge: Describe your political identity, alignment, or affiliation in 7 words or less, WITHOUT using these words: Right, Left, Center, Liberal, Conservative, Democrat, Republican.

Feel free to get creative! 

Joseph Ratliff, Daily News Editor: “Secular indie coffee shop urbanist”

Henry A. Brechter, Editor-in-chief: “Politically disaffected optimist”

Clare Ashcraft, Bridging & Bias Assistant: “Skeptical anyone knows anything about anything”

Johnathon Held, Research & Content Intern: “God fearing lover of life and liberty”

Isaiah Anthony, Deputy Blog Editor: “Doubter of simple answers to complex questions”

Krystal Woodworth, Executive Assistant: “An anti-authoritarian, optimistic skeptic”

Adriel Warren, Consumer Revenue: “Curiously progressive, nonconforming traditionalist”

Samantha Shireman, Director of Product: “Pragmatist who knows humans can solve problems”

Andrew Weinzierl, Bias Research Manager & Data Journalist: “Advocate of individual autonomy and social responsibility”

Julie Mastrine, Director of Marketing and Media Bias Ratings: “Orthodox Christian seeking the Royal Path”

Scott McDonald, CTO: “Anti-Trump, anti-royalty, anti-fascist, anti-anti-intellectual”

John Gable, CEO: “Freedom and opportunity-oriented Vulcan with a heart who gets pissed when anyone is spoken down to” (Note: We realize this is longer than seven words, but John is the CEO, so we decided to let it slide this time.)

How would you describe your politics without partisan labels? Email us your response!


Staff bias ratings were not included in this article to maintain separation from partisan labels. Visit our staff page to learn more about the AllSides team, including our bias ratings. 

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This article was compiled and edited by Joseph Ratliff, Daily News Editor (Lean Left bias).