The Daily Mail’s AllSides Media Bias Rating™ was confirmed as Right in our August 2022 Blind Bias Survey. Hundreds of Americans blindly rated the bias of news reports from The Daily Mail.

On a scale of -9 to +9 with 0 representing Center, respondents on average rated The Daily Mail as 3.73, putting it in the Right media bias category.

The box plot in the visualization above represents the interquartile range, or middle 50% of responses when normalized.


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On average, respondents who self-identified as being on the Right rated the Daily Mail as Lean Right. Respondents in all other bias categories – Left, Lean Left, Center, and Lean Right – rated it as Right.

Democrats and Independents rated the Daily Mail as Right, on average, and Republicans rated the Daily Mail as Lean Right.
A total of 771 people from across the political spectrum rated the bias of The Daily Mail. When normalized, 14% of respondents rated The Daily Mail as left of center (7% Left, 7% Lean Left), 7% rated it as in the exact center, and 79% rated it as right of center (53% Right, 26% Lean Right).

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