The term right-wing has become a pejorative term for many, in reflecting someone more politically conservative than the average person. On the economic side this typically means someone who is looking for lowered taxes (especially on the upper class), for less regulation of business, and for the decentralization of many government functions. On social issues and personal behavior issues to be right-wing is to uphold a more orthodox Judeo-Christian view of morality and social order.  Thus, for instance, right-wing folks would typically question or oppose gay rights and same-sex marriage on the grounds that those platforms violate family values.


In some circles the term right-wing is used in ways that lump together economic and social conservatives. Also sometimes those with views on the right are subject to the same treatment as those on the left: namely, their views are not considered on their merits so much as they are dismissed because they are thought to be extreme (the assumption being that views in the "center" are best).