Far Right

Also known as the extreme right, ultra right, or radical right, this term is most often used pejoratively to refer to politics further on the right of the left-right spectrum than the mainstream political right. This can include fascism - but more so reflects simply a higher degree of rightist thought generally.  Often anti-communist, anti-socialist, anti-union and anti-liberal.

More substantively, the term ‘far right’ is often used to refer to those who want to abolish all federal safety net programs and all regulation meant to defend worker rights and working conditions

These words are also terms associated with religious conservatism in the American mind.  Liberals use “far right” to refer to those who claim that social order and morality are doomed unless families takes the form of "the family,"  where "the family" means (from time immemorial and according to both God and nature) a team of husband, wife, and children.

This term thus often evokes judgment and fear from many Americans on the left - ‘don’t we see the results of this in the Taliban’?  To those on the right, this reflects a profound misunderstanding and stereotyping of rightist thought generally - as well as a silencing and discrediting of conservative voices in society as merely “extreme.”