Historically, this term which qualified the type of marriage between a man and a woman (i.e. monogamous vs. polygamous) evoked almost universally positive emotional responses. Specifically, the term was understood as reflecting the virtue of commitment and loyalty to one person - and the development of charity that was believed to flow out of such a challenging commitment.

Increasingly, the concept of monogomy has come to be derided as overly narrow and seen as a relic of outdated Judeo-Christian norms. More and more people are now experimenting with open relationships and a polyamorous status that openly embraces multiple, simultaneous romantic relationships.  

Additionally, in recent times, the term ‘monogamous’ has become frequently used by some progressive Christians who assert that monogamy is a quality of romantic relationships that should be sought in both opposite-sex marriage and dating relationships as well as same-gender marriages and dating relationships.