From a religious conservative perspective, chastity is among the highest of virtues - representing a condition of inner purity that is deeply important to spiritual health.  From a secular perspective, emphasis on chastity has been part of a religious conservative attempt to control human beings - and women in particular. While proponents of chastity speak of its universal value, they would argue there is a higher level of scrutiny on female purity - in comparison to men, who are sometimes given a pass.   

Whereas religious conservatives see chastity as reflected in the most ancient of religious texts, Coontz claims, "mutual fidelity is a rather recent invention" p. 22


-Do you see chastity as a silly or a serious matter?  Explain what’s behind your answer.

-If you are an advocate of chastity, is there anything critics bring up that you find insightful or helpful in any way?

-If you are a critic of chastity, is there anything about the proponents and their message that you find valuable?