Headline RoundupJune 19th, 2024

Are President Biden's Immigration Decisions Resonating With Voters?

Summary from the AllSides News Team

Navigating a competitive presidential race, President Joe Biden is attempting to walk the line on immigration policy. How is he doing?

For Context: Biden made two major moves on immigration policy recently, one limiting the number of migrants applying for the asylum system, and the other allowing unauthorized migrants married to citizens to remain in the country.

From the Right: Isaac Schorr (Lean Right bias) stated that four years after “foisting a national embarrassment on the American people,” referring to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Trump is on pace to return to the White House in due to Biden’s “colossal border failure.” Citing polls showing that a majority of swing-state voters view immigration as an important priority, the writer concluded, “If you suspected that Donald Trump might be your opponent again and believed that he is an existential threat to American democracy, why on God’s green Earth would you hand him so much ammunition to work with on his signature issue?”

From the Left: An analysis in the New York Times (Lean Left bias) described Biden’s immigration strategy by stating, “He will help immigrants who are already here, but try to keep the border shut to those trying to get in,” deeming this a “a reflection of the political complexity of immigration.” Quoting a Biden campaign pollster stating the administration is attempting to differentiate between long-term immigrants and new arrivals, the article concluded, “it remains to be seen if American voters will draw the distinction.”

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