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New Court Records Allege Epstein Filmed Sex Tapes of Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Other Prominent Figures

Summary from the AllSides News Team

A victim of Jeffrey Epstein claimed she possessed sex tapes of prominent figures like former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, recently unsealed documents show.

New York Post Report: In 2016, Sarah Ransome reportedly told Maureen Callahan of The New York Post (Lean Right bias) that she possessed the tapes. She then told Callahan she “would like to retract everything” because “It’s not worth coming forward.” Consequentially, Callahan did not publish an article.

Key Quote: Ransome told Callahan that the victim in the tapes was a friend of hers, and that “After two hours of trying to convince my friend to come forward with me, I eventually managed to persuade her to send me some of the video footage. She added, “I cannot send you the footage without her consent due to massive consequences to her safety but I can confirm that I do have footage in my possession.”

New Yorker Report: In 2019, a reporter from The New Yorker (Left bias) said Ransome told her she “invented the tapes to draw attention to Epstein’s behavior,” as the reporter phrased it. Ransome claimed this was an attempt to make Epstein believe she had “evidence that would come out if he harmed me.”

How The Media Covered It: The media at large highlighted different bits of Ransome’s emails to Callahan, fueling confusion. For instance, The Messenger (Center bias) said Ransome “saw” the tapes, while The New York Post said she “had” them.

Editor's Note: A previous version suggested the newly unsealed documents, which include Ransome's correspondence with The New York Post in 2016, showed that she claimed possession of a sex tape of former President Donald Trump. Such a tape was not mentioned in the new documents but was claimed by The New Yorker in its 2019 report. This report alleges that she told the New York Post in 2016 that she did possess such a tape.

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