Headline RoundupMarch 17th, 2022

Dem, GOP Governors Find Common Ground on Cutting Gas Taxes Amid Rising Prices

Summary from the AllSides News Team

Wanting record-high gas prices to ease is an area where most Americans can agree, and leaders from both major political parties are taking action.

Democratic governors in Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Washington and elsewhere have joined Republican governors in Maryland, Georgia, Virginia and Florida in moving to temporarily suspend the gas taxes in their states, with many arguing that drivers would benefit from some savings at the pump. On average, Americans pay $0.49 in gas tax per gallon between state and federal fees, but the number varies widely by state. California's state gas tax is the highest in the nation at $0.51 per gallon; Alaska's $0.09 per gallon tax is the lowest.

Reports across the spectrum tend to frame suspending gas taxes as a bipartisan issue and one that could quell public concern about rising gas prices. While some paint cutting gas taxes as a good idea, others highlight experts who say consumers may not save much and could end up paying more in interest and more up-front for fuel. Some reports from left-rated sources highlighted environmentalists who worry that cutting gas taxes could be an incentive for gas-powered cars and could hinder the clean energy movement's progress. Some coverage from right-rated sources focused on Democratic governors who previously supported raising gas taxes but now want to lower them, and framed that as a product of desperation and political pandering ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

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