Lesson Plan

Teacher-Selected Topic



If you don’t yet see the topic you’re planning to discuss on the AllSides for Schools lesson plans list, you can still use AllSides for Schools resources to structure a lesson with your students on any topic of your choice. This page will guide you through the process of designing your own lesson plan.

Step-by-Step Guide


Select a Topic

AllSides and Living Room Conversations can help you find additional topics, as well as provide information and content on topics of your choosing.

Plan Your Lesson

  • STUDENT DEBATES: Have students read selected articles to prepare their position on the selected topic and then discuss and debate the issue across differences.
  • MEDIA LITERACY & RESEARCH: Talk with students about how to using a variety relevant search terms and keywords to enhance the process of research, as well as how to identify which sources are credible and which should be avoided.
  • STUDENT PRESENTATION: Have students explore a selected topic page on AllSides and create a presentation based on their work.
  • REVEAL BIAS: Have students look up words in the AllSides Red Blue Translator™ to reveal how different people from across the political spectrum think and feel about the same term or issue.
  • DIALOGUE & DISCUSSION: Have your students to participate in a healthy, collaborative conversation with each other or with other students across the country. Students can engage in several ways:
    • Online via Mismatch.org
    • In person using conversation guides from Living Room Conversations
    • Text Dialog via AllSides ConsiderIt
      • Please feel free share your opinions on the ConsiderIt questions or request a new agree/disagree question be posted.
      • Students are encouraged to backup their opinions with research.