Discover Your Bias

Bias starts with you. Learn about your own bias and how it compares with others. You can also help us rate the media bias of online sources.

Ways to rate your bias

  • Rate your own bias: Use this tool (below) to clarify how you judge your own bias.
  • Compare your leanings with the rest of America: Answer 17 questions from Pew Research to see how your political opinions compare to other Americans, broken into 9 political typology groups.
  • Pick your political party based on your stance on issues by taking the 2016 Political Party Quiz from Pew Research.
  • Even more ways: While Pew quizzes are based on research, there are other tools that don't seem to have the same thorough foundation, but are interesting nevertheless. Try the Political Compass Test, a Europe-produced survey that produces a chart with both left to right and authoritarian to libertarian scale, or the 8 values political quiz which rates political leanings on 4 axes: Economic, Diplomatic, State, and Society.
  • See how AllSides rates bias and how you help drive our ratings.


Rate your own bias:

on social issues
like gay marriage, abortion, civil rights
on economic issues
like taxes, spending, deficit
on foreign policy
defense, diplomacy
on the environment/energy
renewable energy, oil, conservation
on health care issues
like medicare, insurance
on education issues
like charter schools, funding, unions
on social security
retirement benefits
on welfare issues
foodstamps, unemployment benefits