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Have small group video conversations with empathy and impact


Invite small groups of friends or family

Pick a time and AllSides Connect will guide you through a dynamic conversation of your choosing. No download required! Beta - send feedback

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Engage students with each other online

Connect students in small, structured video conversations to build relationships and life skills. Use alone or as part of broader lesson plans.

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Use for events, conferences, businesses and nonprofits

Use AllSides Connect to help people interact and build relationships virtually. Customize it to fit your specific needs!

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During this time of crisis and isolation, we need each other now more than ever.

A telephone call or video chat can be a start, but to really connect, understand each other, and address important issues, we often need more.

AllSides helps people to better understand the world — and each other. With AllSides Connect, we bring people together to discuss important topics through structured online video conversations. Combining expertise from social psychologists and family mediators with leading technology, AllSides Connect builds deeper understanding of each other and the topic.

With AllSides Connect, you can...

  • strengthen your relationships even when isolated
  • go deep on topics that matter most to you
  • bring together people from opposite sides of the political spectrum
  • rebuild relationships with old friends or estranged family members

Real People

✓ No one is anonymous
✓ Meet face-to-face online

Real Connection

✓ Everyone is heard
✓ Build relationships

Real Topics

✓ 100+ topics you care about
✓ Start your own topic

Real Diversity

✓ Diverse thought
✓ Diverse people

Getting Started is Easy

✓ There are no downloads or apps — AllSides Connect works in your browser
✓ We provide custom setup and support for organizations, conferences, events and businesses.

Start a Conversation

How AllSides Connect works...

Choose a topic, and AllSides Connect will give you a link to your own private conversation room. Then just invite some people and pick a time. Now you are ready to start – AllSides Connect will guide you and your group through a dynamic conversation.

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Other ways to connect...

Host a conversation

Follow this step-by-step guide to set up an online conversation and guide it yourself. You can choose from over a hundred topics, all provided by our partner Living Room Conversations.

Join a hosted conversation

Discover online discussions, debates, and other events that cross partisan divides on our upcoming events page.

Add AllSides Connect to your organization, school, event or business

There are a variety of services and programs that you can use that utilize AllSides Connect, or we can customize it for your specific needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help you or your organization create small group conversations that have impact and empathy.

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For Events and Conferences:

Often the most valuable experiences we have at conferences are the conversations and people we meet in break-out groups, hallway meetings or over lunch. But how can you do that virtually?

AllSides Connect brings small groups together virtually to meet each other, have great conversations, and build relationships with each other.

✓ Designed with psychologists and mediators to produce more impactful and bonding experiences.

✓ Have as many small group conversations as you want, whenever you want. The integrated guide means you don’t need facilitators for each group meeting.

✓ Form groups to fit your needs. Use our matching system to group people with similar interests, to maximize diversity, or to break up a larger group after a presentation.

✓ Customize to fit your needs. Our platform is already being used by multiple organizations, and we have helped them not only customize our service but also figure out the best blended approach using a mix of services and technologies beyond our own platform.

For National Campaigns:

Want to start thousands of well-crafted conversations that have a positive impact and build relationships and community?

AllSides Connect is massively scalable. With its integrated guides that can be customized to fit your needs, it can be used over and over, thousands of times with an unlimited number of participants each relating with each other in small virtual groups. Supported with scheduling and matching technologies, we make it easy to participate.

For Organizations and Mediators:

Want to move your group dialogues online and retain the great experiences that your unique process provides? Want to add more diversity - political, demographic, socio-economic - to your group conversations?

AllSides Connect is a platform for any organization to use and integrate to fit their program as they need. Our unique “Mismatch” technology can ensure that your groups have the kind of diversity of thought they need to become more accepting and effective.

For Schools and Educators:

See Mismatch at for our specialized service designed exclusively for schools. Or contact us if you have questions or want a more customized solution.