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On Feb. 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine that, just one month later, had left thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians dead.

Millions of refugees have fled Ukraine to other parts of the world. Energy costs have soared in the U.S. and elsewhere amid import bans and market instability. Europe’s economy is feeling the ripple effects of sanctions, and concerns about potential food shortages are popping up across the globe. And in Russia, free speech is under attack by government entities working to control the narrative.

Clearly, good-faith actors must step up in this time of crisis. Here’s what AllSides is doing to help:

Special News Feed and Script to Bypass Russian News Blockade

Our Russia-Ukraine news feed has been converted into an open-source script that anyone can add to their website.

This was done by our friends at 24USoftware with the explicit objective of getting news to the Russian people and past the Russian government’s news "blockade". If their website is blocked by the Russian government, it will display our balanced Ukraine news feed instead. The feed is available in both English and Ukrainian.

View an example of how our open-source script of the balanced Russia-Ukraine news feed displays on a blocked website, and read a write-up of the project here. Thanks to HOnza Koudelka of 24USoftware for setting this up!

Daily Russia-Ukraine Live Updates

On our blog, we’re offering a detailed rundown each day of the biggest news on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, including updates and bullet points about battles, key cities, sanctions, refugees and more. 

This page is made available in English, Ukrainian or Russian.

Russia-Ukraine Fact Checking and Misinformation Tracker

There’s been no shortage of misinformation and fake news about the conflict. We’re tracking examples of fact-checking, misinformation, and false or questionable stories about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and working to separate fact from fiction in the process.

This page is also available in English, Ukrainian or Russian.

Balanced Ukraine News Feed

We’re curating the most important news articles and diverse perspectives from across the media spectrum about the conflict each day. And as part of our daily balanced news operation, we’re covering all the big developments from the Russia-Ukraine conflict with original summaries and headline comparisons. Follow along on our homepage.

We’re a small team and need all the help we can get to continue providing these types of resources in times of need. Become a Sustaining Member to support our work and play a role in our mission.

Henry A. Brechter is the managing editor of AllSides. He has a Center bias.