Help AllSides rate media bias by taking our blind bias survey! You'll be asked to assess whether content from popular media outlets is biased to the left, center, or right. It should take about 5 minutes.

We're seeking people from all over the political spectrum to rate the bias of news articles and headlines "blindly" — without knowing where the content originated. There are no right or wrong answers. AllSides is simply interested in what you perceive the bias of a media outlet to be.

Blind bias data is a critical component of AllSides media bias ratings, which empower tools like our balanced newsfeed and media bias chart. There are no "accurate" bias ratings, because bias is subjective. Taking this survey will help to ensure our ratings reflect the subjective judgements of people throughout the country.

Our bias ratings aren't driven by popular vote. We use multiple methodologies, and this survey is just one of them. Learn more about how AllSides rates media bias.

AllSides media bias ratings are a means to an end: helping you easily identify different perspectives, so you can break free of filter bubbles and get the full picture. Making bias transparent means we can avoid being manipulated in one direction or the other, and truly decide for ourselves. In an election year, nothing is more important.

Take the survey now. As always, email us if you have questions or feedback.

Thanks for being a part of the movement to heal our democracy!