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Since the results of this election have come out, the nation has been rigorously divided. People are feeling joyous, upset, rebellious or thankful. More than ever, these times show how divided we have become. But whether you're delighted or depressed, it's important to understand why the "other side" is feeling the way they do. And to make that easier...

Introducing the new AllSides Dictionary!

The AllSides Dictionary helps you understand different perspectives on nearly 400 (and growing) hot button terms, from Abortion to Zionism. It reveals how different people with different political backgrounds think about and react to controversial terms and concepts.A team of 30 educators and mediators volunteered over 1500 hours on this project for the past year. ​Members of this team were carefully selected to ensure a mix of perspectives ​across the socio-political spectrum - from religious to atheist, far left to far right, and everything in between. ​Rather than trying to avoid bias or presume​neutrality, ​we openly examine all biases – ​attempting to "map" different meanings and feelings associated with important words in the American political vocabulary.

Below are selections from the entry for the term Gun Control. Included for each term are a description, related AllSides Dictionary terms, related Issues pages, dialog tips, related articles and "questions to play with," which are especially helpful in a group discussion or a classroom. (Educators - check out our lesson plan for using the AllSides Dictionary.)



Do you like what you see? Also check out MicroaggressionFreedom of SpeechPrivilege, or pick from the full list of terms (so far!) or try browsing the terms by category. And, please tell us what you think.


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