DISCLAIMER: This was our April Fools 2024 joke!

AllSides has launched a new dating app for dating across the divide called Opposites Attract.

According to a 2020 YouGov poll, more than 45% of YouGov chat users would not date someone who supported the opposite political party. But we at AllSides believe that working through your political differences is a wonderful way to prepare to spend your life with someone! What’s a better foundation for a relationship than opposing views on whether or not to have kids due to climate change, the merits of monogamy, or Drag Queen Story Hour? Roughly 86% of users said it has become more difficult to date someone from the opposite political party in the last few years, but AllSides is here to help! 

According to a 2023 Change Research poll of 1,000 respondents, over half of women (54%) said identifying as conservative was a red flag. So while clearly there isn’t much of a market for dating across the political divide, we want to help build a healthy pluralistic society — and that includes mixed marriages of every type, including political! With Opposites Attract by AllSides, those red flags of deeply rooted ideological, religious, and political differences can become the foundation for mutual growth and discovery! 

Our couple's approval rating is over 21%, which is even higher than Congress! Let us help you find your match and you’ll be locked up faster than any president who has committed a war crime. 

Here’s what people are saying about Opposites Attract

Josh, who runs a local Turning Point USA Chapter, fell in love with Li Yang, a sleeper agent for the CCP. “She was very curious about American politics, and fit right in with my friends,” he said, “She is the strongest woman I know, protecting her family by coming to America.”

“Candence Owens has been a great role model for me, after Josh of course,” Li said. “Opposites Attract helped me find exactly who I was looking for.”

Cameron, a non-binary pansexual centrist, said, “I’ve never made a decision in my life—swiping left and right feels like a dehumanizing practice in unfair discrimination—but Opposites Attract found the perfect match for me. My boyfriend believes that a man’s role is to make decisions, and since I am not a man, he takes care of everything (except the child rearing of our seven chihuahuas). Just what I needed!”

These are the types of diverse families that make up America. So, if you’re looking for love, imagining the day you will walk down the aisle, try looking across the aisle. Download Opposites Attract today. 

For legal reasons: this is a joke. Happy April Fool’s Day! We did not make the dating app described in this blog. But if you think practicing dialogue across differences is important, tell teachers you know to try out Mismatch. They can use it for free with the code EARLYADOPTERS.

Clare Ashcraft (Center Bias) is the Bridging & Bias Specialist at AllSides.

Graphics by Joseph Ratliff (Lean Left Bias), Content Designer & News Editor. 

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