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We added advertisements and optional Sustaining Memberships as additional ways to meet our growing need for funds while still providing our core services for free to those unwilling or unable to pay.

AllSides will never resort to clickbait or fake news to earn ad revenue. We are fully aware of the perverse incentives online advertising can create for media companies. We remain committed to a quality product, and have diversified our sources of revenue in order to avoid the pitfalls of reliance on one method. In addition to advertising and Sustaining Memberships, AllSides also earns revenue through user donations and professional and technology services to businesses, nonprofits and schools. Learn more about our biases, partners, and funding.

Advertisements Permitted on AllSides

AllSides only displays ads that meet our standards for appropriate content. The ads on our site are sold by online advertising partners who share the revenue with AllSides. We have implemented filters to avoid displaying inappropriate or illegal advertisements on the site.

Political advertisements are not permitted on Any political ads that circumvent our content filter are paid for by the advertiser and do not reflect the views of AllSides. AllSides does not endorse political campaigns.

Report Inappropriate Advertisements

We work with Confiant, a leading ad quality platform, to ensure advertisements displayed on AllSides adhere to our standards.

If you see an advertisement that you deem inappropriate, please click the "Report an ad" link underneath and describe what was wrong. This helps us and Confiant keep troublesome content off of our website.

Advertisements should be reported if they do any of the following:

  • Play sound or video without Interaction
  • Contain offensive or adult imagery
  • Block page content
  • Promote scams, illegal content, or misleading claims
  • Slow down your browser or prevent you from interacting with the site

Report Political Advertisements

If a political advertisement is offensive or problematic in any of the ways listed above, it should be reported directly to Confiant using the "Report an ad" link.

However, even inoffensive political advertisements are not permitted on AllSides. We work closely with our ad partners to omit them. Any political ads that circumvent our content filter can be reported to us directly through the following steps:

  1. Take a screenshot. Learn how to take a screenshot on any device.
  2. If possible, copy the URL that the ad links to. (To copy the URL without leaving, right-click on the ad and select "Copy Link URL".)
  3. Email the screenshot, URL, and a description of the advertisement to

A screenshot and/or URL is necessary for us to find and block the advertisement. Reports sent without this information are unlikely to result in a removal.

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