Patriotism/ Patriotic /Patriot

For many people, this word reflects something unquestionably good and healthy - a love of one’s country as an ideal to aspire towards. For others, the same term reflects something questionable and potentially unhealthy - namely, an excessive love and self-absorption in the goodness of one’s own country.  

The belief in American exceptionalism, for instance, is a U.S. reflection of what many would call patriotism - while others see it as narrowing and harmful.  

What ‘counts’ as a patriot or patriotism is a question also dividing people.  


-Is patriotism something you generally see as healthy and positive, or not?  

-Who ‘deserves’ to be called a patriot - and who does not?  

-What does it mean to be a patriot or patriotic (and what does it mean to be accused of not being the same)?