Founding Fathers

Americans across the political spectrum can have strikingly different views of the history of America’s founders. Where one individual may see chosen individuals blessed and inspired by God to lay the foundation for an exceptional land, others may see racist individuals motivated by selfish interests laying the foundation of future injustice.

These latter individuals, for instance, might ask why America’s Founding Mothers (like Abigail Adams) don’t receive more attention - or, why women and other minorities were historically not allowed equally influential roles in the formation of the country.

Even so, most devastating critiques of the founding fathers tend to remain on the margin  - among the young or the left (the folks who want to take every darn statue down). Most Americans tend to have a generally positive - albeit vague view - of the founding American leaders.

What all sides tend to do equally well is cherry pick quotes from American founders - as a way to use their commentaries to fuel or justify our particular case or cause.