For some, this word refers to more moderate, tempered and reasonable voices in America’s political conversation - especially those individuals attempting to take a position between the extremes.   

For others, the word suggests a potentially worrisome imperative or pressure that individuals 'let go' of deeper convictions on either side of the political spectrum, in favor of adopting a watered-down, morally-compromised, middle-ground mono-narrative that serves to undergird existing powers.  

There is overlap with ‘centrist’ and the word ‘moderate’ when the way forward on issues lies in compromise, but the overlap ends when moderates move to be more progressive or conservative in specific issues.



  • What does it mean to be committed to the “center”?
  • Is centrism more about how we get to decisions (civilly), or what the decisions actually are (compromises)?
  • Do you think centrism can be inspiring as a political philosophy?  How?