Headline RoundupJanuary 16th, 2023

How Martin Luther King Jr.'s Ideas Remain Relevant Today

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On Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2023, voices across the political spectrum remarked on his values and how they remain relevant in modern society. Some left-rated voices framed King's mission as focused on wokeness, anti-racism, and equity for black people; some right-rated voices said King would disapprove of modern racial activism and some of its polarizing tactics.

Demanding Change: A guest writer in the New York Times said King's "policy aims were unapologetically color-conscious" despite attempts to paint him as "colorblind," and that he believed meaningful action on race relations required "acknowledging that racism created generational wealth for white Americans and robbed Black Americans of the same economic boost."

Education: Two guest writers in The Hill said King taught us the value of education and "how we can bring about a world where all people are treated equally," and that schools should focus on the "unifying, universal values" of fairness, understanding, and humanity.

Honest Dialogue: The New York Post's Editorial Board wrote that while King would be pained to see that young African-Americans "are too often denied a quality education," he'd also be "distressed by the hypersensitivity and growing political correctness of today’s discussions about race," and would likely "bring discipline to every demonstration so as to avoid chaos and violence that badly undermines the cause."

Common Ground: According to recent data from More in Common, strong majorities in all U.S. ethnic, generational, and political groups believe it is important to observe MLK Day.


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