Headline RoundupFebruary 28th, 2022

Concerns About Misinformation, Fake News Heightened Amid Russian Attacks on Ukraine

Summary from the AllSides News Team

As Ukrainian forces attempt to repel Russian advances on major cities and key locations across the country, false or misleading information about the crisis continues to spread.

Reports across the news and social media of defiant Ukrainian troops killed by Russia's navy went viral, but were contradicted Sunday when the Ukrainian navy declared the soldiers "alive and well." A video purporting to show a Ukrainian girl confronting a Russian soldier has generated millions of views on social media, but is actually a 10-year-old video of a Palestinian girl confronting an Israeli solder. Unconfirmed stories of the 'Ghost of Kyiv,' an anonymous Ukrainian fighter pilot rumored to have downed multiple Russian warplanes, continue to circulate after Ukraine's government Twitter account said that the pilot is a "nightmare for invading Russian aircraft." Also on Twitter, prominent podcaster Joe Rogan shared and later deleted a fake CNN report stating that actor Steven Seagal has joined Russian special forces. Twitter also says it will label links to Russian state media to help users identify trustworthy news sources.

Misinformation regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict has been covered on all sides, especially by left- and center-rated outlets, many of which focus on Russia's alleged efforts to spread disinformation about the conflict. Coverage from the right often highlights social media companies' efforts to contain false information about the crisis, and frames them as part of Big Tech's broader effort to moderate content.

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