Amid a global pandemic, Thanksgiving celebrations may look a bit different this year. For us at AllSides and our partner organizations, that makes our goals of promoting civility and unity across divides even more prevalent!

Here are resources provided by us and several of our friends in the divide-bridging sphere:

Friends and Family Conversation Tip Sheet: Holiday family gatherings can pose a unique challenge in this politically charged climate. This tip sheet from Living Room Conversations (LRC) can help you practice loving and connecting with your family, even when you don’t like what they believe.

Setting the Thanksgiving Table for Civility: In an effort to limit the dinner-table damage to spills on the table cloth, the National Institute for Civil Discourse (NICD) shared tips for avoiding a family civil war on Thanksgiving, and also hosted several politicians for interviews about why engaging our differences is important.

Good Questions for Great Gatherings: No matter how different our gatherings look this year, with a little planning and creativity, we can still make them memorable and meaningful. LRC has some inspiration, tips and resources for bringing more connection into your next gathering.

The Angry Uncle Bot: This funny tool lets you practice political chatter with a disagreeable robot. Perfect for preparing to face your relatives when dinner time rolls around!

Engaging Differences — Key Principles and Best Practices: Engaging in conversations across the divide opens doors to finding common ground and moves our country toward a more perfect union. This Thanksgiving, these principles from NICD are as necessary as ever.

Balanced Search Results: Don’t go into a conversation without the full story. Make sure you’re seeing all sides of the day’s news with our Balanced Search tool, which instantly displays news stories on any topic from media outlets on the political left, center and right.

Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!