“What started off as conversations that involve law enforcement and the black community has expanded significantly to include members of the community from all walks of life. Because what people realize is they all have a role to play in helping to build a healthier, stronger community.”

In this video from The Reunited States' Everyday Heroes series, Tru Pettigrew discusses how he has built bridges in his community. Tru is the founder of the barbershop Rap Sessions in Carey, NC, and is the Founder and President of Tru Access, an inspiration and empowerment consultancy that helps individuals and organizations to build bridges across areas of division. 

Tru is an author, speaker, community bridge-builder, and award-winning marketing executive with 20 years of experience. He also serves as the Vice President of Player Programs and Diversity & Inclusion for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association. As a Diversity & Inclusion advocate and Community Bridge Builder, Tru has established a reputation for building bridges across racial, cultural, social, and relational lines. 

Everyday Heroes profiles civic pioneers across the USA who are creating novel solutions to polarization. It’s a companion series to The Reunited States, an acclaimed feature documentary executive produced by Van Jones and Meghan McCain. The film follows everyday Americans seeking to bridge our political and racial divides. The Reunited States is available on Amazon, iTunes and everywhere on demand.