Headline RoundupJune 7th, 2022

Will Gas Prices Come Down Soon or Stay High?

Summary from the AllSides News Team

Gas prices across the country have hit record levels in recent months, but when are they set to come down?

The national average at the pump rose to $4.92 on Tuesday, according to the AAA, and many analysts have predicted that the average will reach $5 a gallon by the end of the month. Most outlets across the spectrum highlighted an upward trend that is likely to continue until the fall. Perspectives differed, however, when allocating blame for the rising gasoline prices and determining how harmful they are.

Left-rated outlets were more likely to cite Putin's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, China's "strict lockdown rules" and a "stronger demand" for gasoline after the COVID-19 pandemic as primary catalysts of the surging prices. Some voices on the left argued that these inflated prices are good for the environment "in the long run" as they will encourage more Americans to carpool and generate a manufacturing spike of electric cars.

Conversely, many right-rated voices criticized the Biden administration for "trying to divert blame onto" external factors such as the Ukraine War and individual energy firms. Some voices on the right argued that President Joe Biden "doesn’t want to" boost domestic oil production as he views high gas prices as a "necessary part" of a transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Fox News (Right bias) cited Biden's energy policy as "American energy's biggest threat" and claimed American consumers are "paying the price for this avoidable travesty."

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