Headline RoundupMay 11th, 2023

Fact Checking Claims Made in Trump's 2023 CNN Town Hall

Summary from the AllSides News Team

Former President Donald Trump made false or misleading claims in his CNN (Lean Left bias) town hall event Wednesday night, and host Kaitlan Collins also made a misleading remark. Read a transcript here.

2020 Election: Trump didn't acknowledge his 2020 election loss when asked, and said Democrats were found "stuffing ballot boxes" in 2020 with "millions of votes" and it was caught "on government cameras." There's no evidence of that. He also denied asking Georgia's Secretary of State in 2020 to "find" him more votes.

Joe Biden: Trump claimed gas prices reached as high as $9 under President Biden. The highest recorded average price was $5.02, according to AAA. Trump appeared to exaggerate the number of classified documents Biden possessed, saying at one point he took "1,800 boxes." Biden donated 1,850 boxes of senatorial papers to the University of Delaware, and they've been stored on the campus since 2012. 

Mass Shootings: Collins said "there have already been more than 200 mass shootings" in 2023. There are multiple active definitions of "mass shooting." Collins didn't mention her source, but appeared to cite the Gun Violence Archive, which counts a mass shooting as any event in which four people are shot, not including the shooter. Other trackers, such as one from USA TODAY (Lean Left), have much narrower criteria.

How the Media Covered It: Left- and center-rated sources concentrated on fact-checking Trump. Right-rated sources did less fact-checking; a Breitbart (Right) article highlighted Collins's shooting claim.

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