Death of George Floyd Raises Questions About Police Brutality, Racism

Headline Roundup May 27th, 2020

The death of a Minneapolis man Monday following an incident with law enforcement rekindled tension and raised questions about police brutality and racism in policing. 46-year-old George Floyd, a black man, is seen on video repeatedly telling officers that he could not breathe as an officer pinned Floyd's neck to the ground with his knee. Floyd died later Monday night at a nearby medical center; it's unclear exactly what happened before and after the video was taken. All four officers involved have been fired, but no criminal charges have been filed as of Wednesday afternoon.

Many voices, particularly left- and center-rated, argue that Floyd's death signifies law enforcement's systemic prejudice against minorities.

From the Center

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — To the general public, the video of a white police officer pressing his knee into the neck of a black man prone on the street, crying out for help until he finally stopped moving, was horrifying.

Four officers were fired a day after George Floyd’s death, a stunning and swift move by the Minneapolis chief with the mayor’s full backing. But despite their dismissal, whether the incident will be considered criminal, or even excessive force, is a more complicated question that will likely take months to investigate....

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From the Left

The Minneapolis police statement was short and sanitized. An allegation of forgery. A suspect who “appeared to be under the influence,” who “physically resisted officers” and who appeared to be “suffering medical distress.”

The video that emerged hours later told a drastically different story. It showed a white police officer pressing his knee into the neck of a black suspect until he appeared limp and unconscious. Throughout the encounter, the man, George Floyd, could be heard saying “I can’t breathe” again and again. He later died at a hospital.


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From the Right

Chaos broke out on Tuesday night in Minneapolis as protesters took to the streets to demand action after the death of George Floyd, a Minnesota man who died in police custody a day earlier.

Police fired rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades on some protesters, reports said. The protest started peacefully, but the situation deteriorated and some demonstrators were seen breaking windows of police cars and hurling rocks, reports said.

Floyd, 46, died Monday night and video later emerged showing the man on the ground with a police officer...

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