We believe in full transparency here at AllSides, which is why we want to provide a rundown of the relationships AllSides has with different media outlets and organizations, and how that impacts or does not impact what we provide to our customers. We update this periodically to keep this information current (last update: August 9, 2021).

AllSides is not getting paid by any news organizations to publish their content on our balanced newsfeed or elsewhere. Our internal systems for curating third party content, including our technology and wisdom of our editorial team, involve looking at coverage across the spectrum from hundreds of sources and writers. We do not make more money by including one source over the other — this frees us to continuously select the best content possible across the spectrum.

Media outlets can’t pay us for a favored media bias rating or for a change to their rating. We are always happy to talk with news editors about their outlet’s rating and hear their feedback. But we retain ultimate rating authority, and by using our patented and multi-leveled systems, we continue to provide the most trustworthy media bias ratings available today.

Our financial independence, including paid memberships from readers like you (please subscribe to support us), allows us to reserve the right to publish anything from any group, without being pulled in one direction or establishing lopsided loyalties.

We do have relationships with some organizations that help us to better deliver content and serve our mission to free people from filter bubbles to better understand the world – and each other. Here is a list and what we do with each (we will update this as needed to remain transparent about important relationships):

  • USA TODAY — We entered into a partnership with USA Today to help host and promote America Talks, a national conversation event in June 2021 that happened in partnership with AllSides Talks and other organizations. USA Today also publishes some of our op-eds as part of their Hidden Common Ground series.
  • Yahoo News — Yahoo was also part of promoting our June 2021 America Talks event.
  • The Epoch Times — We have entered into an agreement with the Epoch Times in which AllSides readers who click on Epoch Times content from our website will not hit ET’s paywall. The Epoch Times also recently published our writeup about our latest Blind Bias Survey and may publish op-eds from us in the future. We are hoping to replicate this partnership with other news outlets so that our users can more often access content or try new publishers without encountering paywalls.
  • Christian Science Monitor — CSM published op-eds by AllSides and our partner, Living Room Conversations, as part of a 2016 election special called Politics of Us. CSM also emails us a weekly roundup of their top stories as an FYI to our editors and for publishing consideration (but we use our discretion and are under no obligation to post those pieces).

Note that frequently we also have our original content appear on other news sites, as op-eds or other pieces we were invited to contribute, or as mentions of AllSides in their news coverage. This list is always changing, but has included media publishers such as HuffPost, USA Today, Washington Examiner, TheBlaze and The Fulcrum. You can see all of our press coverage here.

Many organizations syndicate our balanced news to appear on their websites. Some of the notable examples of this include:

  • Ballotpedia describes themselves as a “digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections.” This nonprofit spans national and local elections, digging into ballot initiatives, issues and the latest political news as well. 
  • Earth X is an international nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to educating and inspiring people and organizations to take action towards a more sustainable future worldwide. 
  • The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is a nonprofit organization dedicated to K–12 history education while also serving the general public. Lots of educational organizations and schools use our news feed and sometimes add our syndicated news feed to their websites.

We also license our content and AllSides Media Bias Ratings™ to many different organizations, from businesses to research groups, including:

We hope this transparency helps you to better understand AllSides’ relationships with other organizations and media outlets, and how we remain independent to provide you the most balanced experience possible. If you want to be in partnership with AllSides, or if you have questions about these relationships, please contact us