President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are very different when it comes to some issues, and more similar on others. Ahead of next month's 2020 presidential election, we've been writing "Trump vs. Biden" issue-specific Perspectives Blogs comparing the candidates and where they stand. In addition to our coverage, there's been more great content from other news sources on how the candidates match up

Here's a balanced spread of issue and policy comparisons from media outlets rated across the political spectrum. (At the time of publishing, MarketWatch was the only right-rated source we could find with recent issue-to-issue comparisons of the candidates. If you see others, let us know.)

Washington Post (AllSides media bias rating of Lean Left): Where Trump and Biden stand on the issues

AARP (Center bias): Where Trump, Biden Stand on Major Issues

MarketWatch (Lean Right bias): Here’s where Trump and Biden stand on health care

CNN (Lean Left bias): Where Trump and Biden stand on 9 major policy issues

Reuters (Center bias): Where Biden and Trump stand on key issues

MarketWatch: Here’s where Biden and Trump stand on antitrust, social media and other tech issues

AP Politics (Lean Left bias): Trump vs. Biden: Where they stand on health, economy, more

BBC News (Center bias): Abortion: How do Trump and Biden's policies compare?

MarketWatch: Fracking and the ‘Green New Deal’: Here’s where Trump and Biden stand on climate change

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