Headline RoundupOctober 1st, 2022

Who Sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipelines?

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In the days since a series of explosions ruptured both Nord Stream pipelines connecting Russia to Germany, there has been no shortage of finger pointing and accusations from global leaders. In terms of media coverage, two world powers have received extraordinary attention as potential culprits— Russia and the United States. Both sides have denied involvement and pointed out the other’s potential motives, but neither have gone so far as to make any official accusations.

In a speech given on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the “Anglo-Saxons” of Western Europe and the U.S. for the leak. At a meeting of the United Nations Security Council, a Russian Ambassador stated that the U.S. “undoubtedly” stood to gain from the pipeline being destroyed. In a message posted on Telegram, the Russian Embassy in the U.S. alluded to the U.S. being involved, citing American military presence in the region, President Biden’s past comments against the pipelines and potential economic incentives for energy markets in Western Europe.

On the other side of the front line, Western Europe and the United States have pointed towards Russia. Ukraine immediately pinned blame on Moscow. In a speech on Friday, President Biden accused Russia of spreading disinformation to frame the United States as the culprit, but did not directly blame them for the attacks. Two Senior German Lawmakers have directly accused Russia. Former CIA director John Brennan told CNN (Left Bias) that Russia was the “most likely suspect.”

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