Headline RoundupSeptember 22nd, 2022

Hundreds Flee Russia after Military Call-Up

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Hundreds of men are fleeing Russia to avoid serving in the military after Russian President Vladimir Putin's order for partial military mobilization on Wednesday. The call-up could see 300,000 people called into service in the war in Ukraine, and it has sparked protests in major Russian cities this week. 1,300 arrests have been reported. While the Kremlin says that the reports of the numbers fleeing are exaggerated, photos show miles-long queues of vehicles along the border with Georgia, where Russians can enter without needing a visa.

Meawhile, Ukraine's unexpected battlefield advances have reportedly left the Russian military divided over how best to respond. Russian military officers have been seen arguing amongst themselves, and Putin is himself giving directions to the generals in the field - a move that some sources say is a disfunctional tactic in the modern military.

Sources across the political spectrum are covering these developments, which mark the biggest escalation since the invasion into Ukraine began seven months ago.

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