Headline RoundupJune 9th, 2023

Why Are Some House Republicans ‘Revolting’ Against McCarthy?

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Members of the conservative Freedom Caucus stalled business in the House of Representatives this week in protest of Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s debt ceiling deal with President Joe Biden.

The Details: On Monday, 11 Freedom Caucus members surprised Republican colleagues by joining Democrats to block a procedural vote on a pair of bills to prevent gas stove bans. The “revolt,” as some outlets dubbed it, continued on Tuesday, and House leaders adjourned for the weekend on Wednesday evening. Some House Republicans continued to negotiate on Thursday, but no resolution was reached. 

For Context: Freedom Caucus members argue McCarthy’s debt ceiling compromise broke a promise he had made to end their opposition to his speakership in January. Specifically, they say he promised to cut federal spending to 2022 levels, but McCarthy has said the deal was to “strive to get to the ’22 level or the equivalent amount of cut,” which he says he accomplished. 

How the Media Covered It: Coverage was slightly more common in left-leaning outlets. While some coverage across the spectrum described the Freedom Caucus as “hardliners,” some coverage from the left described it as more extreme, using terms like “far-right” and “ultraconservative.”

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