Headline RoundupMay 28th, 2024

How Will Biden Respond to Israel's Airstrike on Palestinian Civilians in Rafah?

Summary from the AllSides News Team

How will the IDF’s airstrike, which killed at least 45 Palestinian civilians on Sunday, impact U.S. support for Israel?

For Context: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the airstrike and subsequent fire a “tragic error” that is being investigated.

From the Right: A writer in the New York Post Opinion (Right bias) argued Hamas is “getting just what it wanted” from the civilian deaths in an effort to turn Gaza “into a land of futile martyrdom in their jihad to destroy Israel.” The writer stated Hamas’ strategy is to “Terrorize, kidnap and kill Israeli civilians — and then flee back to Gaza and hide behind Palestinian men, women and children to ensure mass casualties and garner international condemnation of Israel.” The writer determined President Joe Biden is “cutting the legs off a US ally” by dissuading Israel from continuing its offensive in Gaza.

From the Left: A writer in MSNBC (Left bias) said the attack begs the question, “Is this the red line President Joe Biden warned Israel not to cross? And if not this deadly attack, then what could possibly qualify?” The attack and expected invasion of Rafah indicate that “the U.S. has lost control over its vassal state in the region” and “could be the beginning of still more violence to come.” The writer concluded that the “mixed messaging and action by the administration yet again show the disarray of the Biden administration’s policy on Gaza. And it continues to prolong the war.”

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