When the Democrats Try to Figure Out How To Protect Abortion Rights

On a political landscape that is looking increasingly unfavorable to Democrats, the potential elimination of federal protection for abortion rights is a rare issue that could work in their favor this November. But the party’s early floundering on the topic is less than reassuring.
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Media Bias Alert: Incidental COVID-19 Hospitalizations Spark Confusion Across The Political Spectrum

Hospitals have recently began distinguishing between primary and incidental COVID-19 cases, resulting in criticism and confusion from news outlets and other voices across the spectrum.
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How Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” Can Help Us Find Common Ground

Imagine that the economy has imploded and you have just been let go from your job. After months of tirelessly searching for a new job, your savings have been depleted and you are forced to foreclose on your home. As you sit, stressfully contemplating your plans for the future, what are...
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