When covering the recent Supreme Court decision that undercut federal agencies’ power to make and enforce policy, media outlets on the left and right revealed bias by how willing they were to use the term “administrative state."⁠ ⁠


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Outlets and commentators on the right, such as Breitbart (Right) and Washington Examiner (Lean Right), used the term “administrative state” in their coverage without qualifiers; on the left, however, outlets such as the Associated Press and The New York Times (both Lean Left) attributed to the phrase to the political right, activists, and/or critics, and used the term "federal regulators" instead.⁠ ⁠

The discrepancy reveals bias, showing how media on the right aligns with critics of the system and how outlets on the left distance themselves from such an interpretation.⁠

Julie Mastrine is the Director of Marketing and Media Bias Ratings at AllSides. She has a Lean Right bias.